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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 11, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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too. are you arguing there's no difference? martha: i'm arguing that the bass line is similar but the rest of the music and melody is different. that makes it a different song. bill: the jury disagrees. martha: i was not on the jury. bill: on radio. see you soon everybody. jon: fox news alert. 11 service members now presumed dead after an army helicopter crash off the florida panhandle. good morning to you. i'm jon scott. jenna: good morning. seven marines and four soldiers were on the black hawk helicopter for a routine night training mission out of eggland air force base when it was reported missing last night. early this morning search and rescue crews found debris in the water and officials now say human remains also washed ashore. steve is joining us live from the miami bureau with more on this. steve? >> it was 8:30 p.m. last night
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when the first report came in that black hawk helicopter was missing. by 2:00 a.m. this morning, they got the first pieces of debris washed up onshore. there's no sign of any mid air collision. right now it's still considered search and rescue operation more than 60 people involved in the operation and a number of small coast guard boats, people walking the show as well. it's still too foggy out there for any flights in the area. right now military officials are saying even at this hour, they still hold out hope. >> we've had some debris from the aircraft wash ashore. there have been reports of some human remains but there is no number or discussion about individuals or numbers of individuals that might possibly have been killed in that operation so it is still in our minds a search and rescue operation. >> of the 11 on board the helicopter, seven were marines, part of a special forces regiment based in camp lejeune
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north carolina. four were national guard out of louisiana. they were all multiple veterans of combat tours in iraq so very highly skilled pilots on board. jenna: we'll hold out hope as we continue to watch the story. thank you very much. jon: and this fox news alert now. associated press is suing the state department in federal court to try to force the release of government documents and emails from hillary clinton's tenure as secretary of state. the a.p. reports that the suit comes after several freedom of information requests went unfulfilled and after mrs. cli released a personal email account to conduct business. she said she did it because it was convenient and she deleted thousands of personal emails and the rest were turned over to the state department. but the "the washington post"
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writes hillary rodham clinton sought to wash the controversy over her use of personal email account as secretary of state with a strategy that can be reduced to two words. trust me. it is one of the biggest issues that will confront many americans if and when she asks them to vote for her for president in 2016. let's talk to it about a senior columnist and editor at fortune magazine. jamie is senior editor at the daily caller. welcome to both of you. to you first. she spoke for almost half an hour, some people said when it was all done they were left with more questions than answers. did she answer the controversy? >> well i think you're right. they thought that this was going to settle the issue. it kind of inflamed it even more because you learned she, in fact, deleted 32,000 emails that she seemed personal and it goes back to that question, you know, trust me. she gets to decide what is personal and what it should be
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in the public record so yeah, i think you're going to see this play out over the many months. the other interesting thing, this a.p. suit you mentioned this is actually put her in really bad stead with the media. she's been under fire since this came out and this will be something that will again really hurt her not so much obviously in the proimimary campaign but in a general campaign it will hurt her. jon: there's even questions about communications with her husband the former president. >> absolutely. i'll tell you what. if i was a democratic candidate, maybe considering a run for president but not sure you really want to take on hillary clinton because she's a jugular knot. i would reconsider everything and get ready to jump in the race. she didn't look like an inevitable candidate. she had a lot of inconsistent statements, statements that don't appear to be true. she mentioned she had these personal emails between her and her husband but we knew from last week her husband spokesman said he only sent two emails in
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his entire life. none since leaving the white house. she said she wanted for convenience to do this so she could have one phone to do this from. it's not even clear that was necessary but now we know that she carries two phones because she admitted so earlier last month. so a lot of the statements she made are coming under scrutiny and don't even appear to be true or at least are being scrutinized as questionable. so this did not look like a very good performance not from someone who is considered an invtable democratic nominee. jon: going back to "the washington post" she is saying trust me regarding what was in those emails but she deleted 32,000 that she says were personal. you know if i write a personal email, i might mention something about my work, you know if i'm sending it to my family or something like that. how do we know where she draws the line between what's personal and what isn't? >> that's right. it's a great question. how does she draw the line? this also by the way, merges with a controversy over the
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clinton foundation and the fact that the clinton foundation took dollars from foreign governments like the saudis. so do those kinds of emails, is that personal or is that private? you know or is it public record? you know if she's talking about the wedding, does she -- you know, what if she's talking to somebody that's a guest at a wedding about something that's a public nature? and again it goes back to the trust me thing and it plays into the narrative and this is important of the whole white water years in the 1990's when the law bills, mysteriously showed up in the white house and the clintons says trust me. jon: i'm being a little facetious here but i could see where she writes something to bill like could you pick up a carton of milk and oh by the way, what should i do about the benghazi hearings and all of a sudden, that becomes the personal email. >> what about the foundation
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stuff? is that completely personal? that played directly in a role as secretary of state. i think the interesting aspect here is one of the benefits supposedly of a clinton candidacy for the democrats was that she's already been vetted. she's been in the public sphere for so long there's nothing new to come out and i think this scandal tied with the foundation stuff is throwing that narrative entirely out the window. there's so much more to vet here. maybe more than any other candidate who jumped in the race that i think as i mentioned, if you're a candidate who is considering a run for president or who was considering a run, i'm given that look a double check right now and really considering jumping in this race. jon: and she said well there was no hacking. everything was secure. how would she know? >> yeah. that's another good question and it gaz back to the question the political question is really interesting because as jamie alluded to we keep thinking that she's inevitable, that she
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can chart her own territory politically. well, this past weekend she came out with a no ceilings report and chelsea, hillary no ceilings report out of the clinton foundation. i covered it. it was supposed to be sort of a debut as it were for her precandidacy. it was supposed to solidify her standing as a very important influential world leader. well, no one is talking about that. they're talking about the emails right now. jon: all i heard was the emails. that thing you're talking about, news to me and a lot of us. all right. we'll keep an eye on it. thank you. jenna: now moving to boston. jury seeing new evidence this morning in the boston marathon bombing trial. it comes after jurors were shown photos of a bloodstained note written inside the boat where tsarnaev hit for hours before his capture. here is more outside of the district courthouse in boston. >> and this morning, we're
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seeing several f.b.i. agents take the stand. first off sara was wearing white latex gloves as she revealed various evidence found at the scene including shredded pieces with the government believes was the backpack that joseph tsarnaev carried and also the charred remnants of the pressure cooker other parts of the bomb inside that bag and then f.b.i. agent chad fitzgerald got on the stand and he analyzes cell phone data and often works in child abduction cases. he reports a series of calls of the brother and then later in cambridge near the whole foods ffgs that helped investigators find the video of tsarnaev casually shopping there at the whole foods for milk after the bombing. fitzgerald also said that investigators located a second prepaid phone associated with joseph tsarnaev bought before the day of the bombing.
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then also the phones were tracked to various other places including the tsarnaev phone to the dartmouth area and he returned to school in the following days, went to the gym other activities. we're also expecting later this afternoon for things to turn toward the killing of shawn collier, the m.i.t. police officer who was ambushed and killed in the days following the bombing. a little later on this afternoon. martha: thank you. jon: was it a tragic accident or murder? the latest in the case of a man who claims he was sleep walking the night he killed his 4-year-old son. and hillary clinton speaking out yesterday saying the server used to host her private email account was completely secure. we touched on this just now. our next guest says that argument does not hold water. we also want to know what you think. do you think that hillary clinton's news conference yesterday will help silence her critics? our live chat up and running.
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jon: right now a check on crime stories. jury deliberations underway in the trial of a man who claims he was sleep walking when he strangled his young son more than four years ago. defense attorneys for joseph anthony mitchell argue it was a tragic accident. the prosecutors claim mitchell put up a facade and worked very hard at hiding his true character. a teen in georgia in serious trouble after spending $30,000 mistakenly lyly lyly deposited in his account. he's been ordered to pay back every dime. jurors in the murder trial of former new england patriot player aaron hernandez saw a series of text messages prosecutors say show hernandez had a motive to kill his friend
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odin lloyd. the text to hernandez's fee answer "before the shooting indicates he got drunk and told lloyd something he didn't intend to tell him." hernandez is pleading not guilty. jenna: breaking news in the hillary clinton email controversy. associated press announcing they are suing the state department to gain access to mrs. clinton's emails and other government documents from her time as secretary of state. this comes after clinton tried to silence her critics at a news conference today saying the server used to host her private email account was completely effective and secure claiming it was initially installed for her husband in a home guarded by the secret service. cyber security analyst and senior fellow, as we're going through the news this morning the aftermath of the news conference it seems that cyber security experts have two very different point of views. there are those that say this email and her email was
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completely vulnerable to any sort of outside forces and then you have others that say, well listen. the government doesn't have that safe of an email service and perhaps the obscurity of this email was safer than the government. where do you fall in that spectrum? >> you know, being in law enforcement for a long time one of the caveats we live by is you don't make the rules. you follow them. the issue of security is -- it's beyond debate in these agencies. if she does that, then you have other employees doing that and pretty soon you look -- lack the ability to have the infrastructure. this was bad practice and should never be allowed because when other accounts were hacked chien congress should go to the chinese and the russians because
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they have more information than they do right now. they did a couple of basic things that were no-nos and we don't know who set up the account. were they vetted? did they have a clearance? a lot of this was default out of the box. one of the things they put on there is called a digital certificate. that's like a passport a way to find your identify to a domain name to a passport. that way you know you're logging into that's a speed bump. any confident hacker out there, especially in intelligence, that would have been a trivial thing, like flipping on the light switch so there's no -- i cannot see in any respect how you could say that we trust the system and security throughout security is a failed approach at securing your vulnerability. jenna: let's talk about the deleted emails. she said she mixed on the same email address some personal notes as well as notes regarding her time as secretary of state. if she has deleted emails can those deleted emails be
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recovered so investigators can really determine whether or not they're relevant? >> they can. i used to teach the computer crime investigation how to collect and image the drives and on the server, there should be a backup. it could be what they call an array of discs where you would kaet fail over scenarios. someone should go in there and image all the drives. if it's deleted there's a chance it's not overwritten. if it has been overwritten, then you have an intent to really get rid of these things. you have to start looking for backups but there is a way to go in and collect this stuff forensically so it can be introduced later. the supreme court all the time appoints somebody to look at it and derp what is relevant or not but from a technical standpoint, you can get the deleted emails. jenna: because we don't know what they say and because this is a controversy, we don't know what's actually inside the emails but if mrs. clinton calls
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you up over the last week, because the story continues and continues there's been some lead time if she said to you, again, this is a hype they tell i canal i really want to make sure they can't get found would koo that also have been done? >> yes. i won't tell people how to do things but it's absolutely possible. jenna: so final question on this morgan, because there's been a little bit of a shot across the bow at the government saying the government really doesn't have secure emails either. we're all vulnerable. what about that argument in this? >> look. you don't get to make the rules. i dealt with thousands of people in the government who had a personal device and a government device because you don't want to overlap potential exposure of information. even if it's not classified you can get leakage of classified information so no. you need to keep it within the same domain. no such thing as perfect security. you spend money on security but you still have to operate within
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the system. if i'm looking for exposures, a leak, conducting an investigation, trying to secure my infrastructure, i have to know where all my end points are. if i don't know there's a private email server over here and that it could be introducing malware or other things into my system, then i become concerned about it. jenna: another point to consider. if i call you off air and we have a conversation on the phone, will you tell me how to delete emails? >> we can but then i'll have to kill you after that. jenna: god good to see you. jon: with execution drugs in short supply utah lawmakers pass a bill to carry out the death penalty but not everyone is on board with the idea even calling it a step backwards. we'll tell you what they're talking about. plus we are awaiting a major test by nasa this morning. what they're going to use massive rocket booster for if
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purchase any new verizon wireless smartphone or tablet from comcast. visit to learn more. jon: fox news alert taking to you dearborn, michigan. take a look at that. a tanker truck carrying some kind of petroleum products we're not sure what has caught fire there on that stretch of what looks to be interstate. two other vehicles said to be involved. we don't know the conditions of any of the drivers in this situation but you can see still a raging inferno of what could be gasoline, could be something, some other petroleum product like that. it looks like one of the vehicles that the truck hit is there broadsided in front of the cab of the tractor trailer. this is all happening live right now. these pictures coming to us courtesy of wjbk.
8:25 am
we'll let you know more about the situation in dearborn michigan as soon as we get that info. jenna: now to utah. utah may become the only state to allow firing squads to carry out the death penalty if they can't obtain lethal injection drugs. utah lawmaker passed this bill amid a growing nationwide shortage of the drugs and some questions about their effectiveness. the governor has yet to sign the bill. that said more reason to talk a little bit about all sides of it. william is joining us live from the west coast news room. william? >> utah like other states, is between a rock and a hard place. they have a death penalty but maybe no approved way of carrying it out. utah stopped using the firing squad in 2004. gardner who sentenced under an old law chose that option in 2010. he was strapped to a chair, hood on his head five volunteer officers shot him in the chest
8:26 am
while less painful than the electric chair and quicker than lethal injection many still consider it barbaric and outdated and given that negative publicity utah adopted the lethal injection instead and some want to keep it that way. >> i think it will be bad if utah is the only state that's actively shooting people. i just think it's a bad precedent and i think it's a place we shouldn't go. disrespect problem is utah has nine inmates on death row and no way to kill them. lethal injection, the more humane method is under fire after two recent cases where the inmates did not die instantly or painlessly. opponents call that cruel and unusual punishment and unconstitutional and the european manufacturer now refuses to even ship the lethal drug to the u.s. leaving 32 death penalty states in short supply and without an
8:27 am
alternative. >> this bill just says we have it. let's have a backup so we don't spend millions in court costs trying to adjudicate whether we can use this cocktail versus this cocktail. >> now it's up to the governor whose spokesperson said he may sign it so utah is not without a method to carry out the death penalty and other states facing a shortage may be in the same place. jenna: thank you. jon: are you a delta airlines frequent flier? there's a change to that airline's frequent flier program. what the airline is cutting and why passengers could benefit from it. we're live with details. also the iran nuclear showdown and the controversy over a letter to that country's leadership from g.o.p. lawmakers. how it could affect any deal and the political implications here at home. we'll go in depth.
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8:32 am
well those of us who love all things space related think that is pretty cool. hope you enjoyed it as well. this is the second -- i'm soerp. one of two tests. the second one is going to take place early next year. we'll let you know if that was considered a successful test burn too. jenna: we'll take you to michigan. more live pictures on a story that's developing and we're waiting for more information on. what you're seeing is a tanker fire taking place on what is highway 94. we do know from seeing some of the live pictures earlier that there is a tanker truck burning and that's where the big flames
8:33 am
are coming in the middle of your screen. we have very limited information right now. we do know at least two other vehicles are somehow involved in this crash. we have no idea how exactly it transpired. this is our fox affiliate giving us live pictures so the helicopter pad is trying to get a better point of view and maybe that vantage point will give us more information. you can see firefighters on scene now. they weren't there earlier. this is a very hot blaze, obviously. we don't know exactly what the tanker truck was carrying but if you take a look at the highway, this is in the road that is where the tanker truck would have already previously driven through so this is on the pathway to the bigger fire. you can see what we believe to be another vehicle burning. it's 47 degrees in dearborn michigan so we were checking that out to see, could ice be a factor? weather here be a factor here? from first glance it doesn't appear that but obviously, very
8:34 am
horrific crash. no news on injuries on fatalities but certainly a lot of questions that need answers so as we get more live pictures and as we get more information, we'll bring that to you as soon as we learn more. jon: today in the airline industry, delta makes another change to the frequent flier program. this time it seems passengers might come out on the winning end. joining us from the fox business network lauren what are they doing? >> we're getting something from an airline? rare good news for delta frequent flyers. delta is letting you book certain one-way flights for 10,000 miles. it's usually at least 12,500 miles so round trip, you could save 5,000 miles. book your ticket at least 21 kays in advance for travel in select u.s. mexican and caribbean markets but the bigger question is why is delta doing this? perhaps to ease the blow following recent changes to the frequent flier program that make
8:35 am
it difficult to earn and to redeem points. delta recently did two big things. first it removed award charts that gave flyers a guideline how many points were needed for various trips and second like united and southwest delta started rewarding customers who spent more money with more miles so you earn miles based on dollars spent rather than distance flown. that keeps the big spenders happy. the news could have damaging effect. price waterhouse coopers estimated 45% of the 300 million people enrolled in domestic airline loyalty programs will lose under the new model. 40% would benefit so more loser than winners. jon: and people are not going to be happy about that. don't miss lauren on our sister network f. you're not sure where to find it in your area, log on to fox finder. jenna: more fallout from the nuclear negotiations.
8:36 am
some democrats blasting a letter saying that it not only undermines a president's chance of agreement. john kerry just weighed in. he's testifying on the hill in front of the senate foreign relations committee. here is what he had to say. >> the president has made it absolutely clear they will not get a nuclear weapon. now, the resumption by a lot of people up on the hill here has been that we somehow aren't aware of that goal even as we negotiate that goal. our negotiation is calculated to make sure they can't get a nuclear weapon. and it's really almost insulting that the presumption here is that we're going to negotiate something that allows them to get a nuclear weapon. jenna: joining us is the senior fellow for middle eastern studies at the council of foreign relations. it's great to have you on the program. i would like to talk to you about your writing and book in a moment but curious, what do you
8:37 am
think of what's transpired, the back and forth between the white house and the senators on this letter? >> well, i think it highlights the fact there's a lot of disappointed on the hill about what the executive branch is doing in the negotiations. there's this is the difference between republicans and the white house. and i think that president would be wise to try to bridge these gaps opposed to exacerbate them. ultimately in practice any deal negotiated has to be based on some sort of domestic consensus which is not there. jenna: one of the topics you've written on is iran's approach to the world. and i'm curious if you could take us into that thinking here as what do you think iran is making of this back and forth? how do you think that's playing in iran? >> i think for some within the iranian political establishment such as the supreme leader, they probably dismiss this as america playing good cop, bad cop with john kerry being the good cop
8:38 am
and the others being a bad cop. they essentially see this whole thing as a conspiracy, not as a genuine disagreement between various factions of government and the eighths. jenna: that said one of the articles that you recent wrote is saying that he goes in with a weaker hand than he goes out with. as you continue to watch what's behind-the-scenes, that's a big ir picture here. what is the deal that is made or not made and does iran get the nuclear weapon? you know, what do you think of how iran is playing this and whether or not iran will quote, unquote, win? >> iranian negotiators have been and for the past decade have been disciplined and determined. they have sought to have an agreement with a relaxed draw lines and certain expiration date that gives them the ability to legally proceed toward an industrial size nuclear program and infrastructure and once they
8:39 am
have that in a position not that dissimilar to japan then they can dash to a bomb with limited risk of detection, much less retaliation so this is a longer pat weapon but it's a more reliable and safer path. jenna: because you worked inside the administration what can you tell us about how you feel the white house views iran and whether or not america in general has a good understanding of who exactly they're dealing with? >> well i think that the secretary's comments today have to be taken -- you take him at his word. administration is trying to have a deal from its perspective limits iran's path to a bomb. there's disagreement over the details and provisions of this deal and i don't think they can necessarily not be worked out. i think there are some negotiations that can happen between the white house and congress where they both can essentially come to the same page, not everybody is going to
8:40 am
get what they want. so in that particular sense i think they do want an arms agreement. as far as how we understand iran it's a very opaque system. it's a very difficult system to penetrate. we don't have an embassy there. the iranian system is particularly complicated with many sanctions of power and background dealings. i'm not sure if anybody really has a god grasp of it but it's the leadership at the highest level that has a lack understanding of how the united states functions works and deals with each other. jenna: we'll have to keep that in mind as we're continuing to watch negotiations. it's nice to have you on the program. we like forward to having you back. thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. jon: a fox news alert taking you back to interstate 94 near dearborn, michigan right at the detroit-dearborn border. there is one of the cars burning after this massive tractor trailer fire and explosion. a tractor trailer also burning
8:41 am
and the car in front of it you see that? that's the car in front of it burning as well. this is new video. these pictures not live just taken seconds ago but you can see that car got t-boned somehow by the tractor trailer which was carrying a load of some kind of petroleum products, most likely gasoline. the tractor trailer and the front car on fire and then a couple of hundred yards behind them under an overpass, there's another car on fire that is on the opposite lanes of the roadway, separated by a median. really hard to figure out how all this happened and we don't have word on that yet but we also don't have word on injuries. state police spokesman told the a.p. they didn't have much information about how all of this happened but right now, i-95 on the dearborn, detroit border is very much shut down. you can see firefighters getting some water on that not going to be a lot to be able to do except
8:42 am
try to knock down the flames for the short run. gasoline is just going to keep on burning until it is all burned out pretty much. extremely hot fire. you can see how far back the firefighters are standing right now and whether the drivers of all the vehicles escaped before this ensued we don't know. when we get more information about what's going on on i-94 on the border, we'll give it to you. police giving us a first look inside an under grund bunker hit in the woods. plus the u.s. dollar growing stronger as the value of the euro keeps falling. so what does it mean for your wallet and the overall economy? answers still ahead. at ally bank no branches equals great
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jenna: let's check out what's ahead on "outnumbered" at the top of the hour >> good to see you. not only did hillary clinton fail to silence critics with her explanation much using private emails as secretary of state but some are asking did she do her white house bid? >> plus a threat of violence leads a public university to cancel a vote that could have banned the american flag in student government buildings, another followup to the story we've had all week. >> a lot of times on the couch we talk about how strong women are. not only that we can actually be the tough e sex when it comes to handling illness. >> hashtag one lucky day, dr. manny is here on a surprising study and much much more coming up. jenna: i look forward to it. thank you. jon: the value of the euro falling sharply against the u.s. dollar but while our currency is getting stronger, the stock market remains volatile. take a look at the dow this
8:47 am
morning after yesterday's big selloff, up about 55 points but still far from earning back what it lost yesterday. john is chief economics correspondent for the "wall street journal" and a fox news contributor. so explain that. we've got stocks dropping generally or at least a lot of volatility while the value of the dollar is rising. >> well so one of the things you have to do here is look at what the central banks in the united states and europe are doing behind-the-scenes. the federal reserve here in the u.s. is talking about raising interest rates. that's creating uncertainty for investors and that's leading to volatility in the stock market. on the other hand in europe if you look at what the european central bank is doing, their economy is so weak they're trying to push interest rates even lower. investors are flooding out of european assets because of that and into u.s. dollar assets. you know, i think as long as
8:48 am
foreign investors are coming into u.s. dollar assets event -- eventually stock prices go up. jon: a strong dollar sounds like a god thing but it makes u.s. products more expensive overseas, right? that's not necessarily good for manufacturers and exporters. >> absolutely. you know the way to think about a currency is to think about a coin. every coin has two sides. so on the one hand a dollar helps us. it helps to hold down interest rates, makes it easier if you want to go out and buy a house and borrow a mortgage. on the other hand if you're in a manufacturing industry that exports a lot, if you're in a town that gets a lot of tourists for instance from europe, when our currency is very strong, it hurts exports and it hurts tourism so that has some negative effects on our economy. it plays both ways. jon: the interest rates situation near zero in this country as they have been for a long time. seniors, people on fixed incomes, those who save and rely
8:49 am
on interest from their savings, they will see a benefit right? if the federal reserve raises interest rates. >> well not really that much if you think about it. you know the fed is talking about very small incremental movements. i think it's barely enough to notice. i think one of the things that's happening because interest rates are so low is that investors are pushing their money into other assets for instance into stocks. that's why we've had a very long run of stock increases and unfortunately for our senior citizens, that's an uncomfortable place to be given what happened to volatility we've seen in stocks in the last 10 or 20 years but that's really where you get the returns these days. jon: john from the "wall street journal," god good to have you on. jenna: next inside the underground bunker police believe was used by a notorious bank robber while on the run.
8:50 am
give it up. why robin thicke and pharrell have to fork over more than $7 million over their smash hit.
8:51 am
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plus enjoy special savings when you purchase any new verizon wireless smartphone or tablet from comcast. visit to learn more. jon: if you're a fan of robin thicke this will hit a sour note after the r & b store and pharrell williams are forced to send over $7 million to marvin gaye's kids. our composing expert and entertainment reporter joins us now. fox 411. >> i would say the jury is collect. the two songs sound extremely similar and the 7.4 million dollars go to marvin gaye's family. a jury awarded the money to gaye's children who sued singers
8:54 am
pharrell williams, robin thicke and t.i. for copying the hit "got to give it up." when they released their biggest hit in 2013 "blurred lines" that's when the family thought something was wrong. gaye cried as she hugged her attorney and spoke out afterwards about what the suit meant to her and her family. >> he's been gone 30 years. when this happened, there was nothing else to do but stand up for him, stand up for his music stand up when someone is going to try to pilfer and take something away when it's not right, it's not right, period. >> thicke argued he didn't write "blurred lines" despite getting credit for the song. t.i. was not found liable and pharrell admitted he was a big fan of gay's music growing up
8:55 am
but denied using the music. while we respect the judicial process, we're extremely disappointed in the ruling made today which sets a horrible precedent for music and creativity going forward. blurred lines was not taken from anyone or any zel. we're reviewing the decision considering our options and you'll hear more from us soon about this matter. the verdict could likely end in a year's long appeals process and put in question the legacy pharrell made for himself after seven grammy awards, turning out the hit "happy" and a judge on the competition show "the voice." and we all know "happy" is an original. so he's being tarnished quite a bit by this. jon: if someone were borrowing from that song i'm sure he would be upset. thank you. jenna: police in washington state uncover an underground banker they believe was to be
8:56 am
made by a bank robber. inside finding a sleeping cot, shoes, even the suspect's favorite kind of soda. clues were given after the suspect after his capture. >> we followed clues we uncovered through the investigation that read almost like a childhood treasure hunt. we knew to look for a certain type of tree by a certain type of ravine. jenna: i don't have a favorite kind of sofa. do you? apparently he did in the hideout. the bank robber probably had several bunkers like this one while he evaded authorities before he was captured. they're trying to track down the other bunkers. jon: brand new stories we're working to bring you in the next hour of "happening now." investigators try to figure out why two choppers carrying olympic athletes crashed in mid air killing all 10 people on board. the dramatic video of the moment of impact. will that help identify the cause of the crash? multi million dollar jewel heist. it all went down at a toll
8:57 am
plaza. the clues police have to go on. help brazil reduce its overall reliance on foreign imports with the launch of the country's largest petrochemical operations. when emerson takes up the challenge it's never been done befor consider it solved. emerson. . .
8:58 am
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9:00 am
jenna: laughing about something during the break. apparently it wasn't the bank robber's favorite sofa with you a favorite soda. he had in the bunker. just wanted to make sure that we to the that right on record. not a sofa. soda. jon: easier to carry. jenna: letters matter people. so do words. see you back here in an hour. jon: "outnumbered" begins right now. >> this is fox news alert. we are waiting the daily briefing from the white house expected to start any moment now and sure to deal with the continuing fallout over hillary clinton's email practices while she was secretary of state. this after hillary's news conference yesterday appears to have raised more questions than answers. this is "outnumbered." i'm andrea tantaros. here with us today harris faulkner host of "kennedy" on our sister network, fox business's


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